Alot of services

As a legal facility, we offer various services from pleadings in the courts, attendance at the prosecution, review of the condition and all legal services, you will not need another lawyer.

achievement and speed

Accomplishment and speed in legal services and pleadings are among the most important things that can raise efficiency and quality in an age that cares about technology.


We handle issues and find solutions through a team consisting of consultants and lawyers.

We are in numbers

We are distinguished by competition and seriousness in work. We believe in numbers, statistics and work volume, according to high quality standards

We come to you wherever you are

We are proud that we are currently providing services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we will provide services around the world with the help and strength of Allah and then your moral support.

Memberships and benefits for customers

When you get a specific service, do not worry, we offer a lot of free services and consultations to our customers, we offer memberships and annual subscriptions for individuals and companies

private facilities

For companies and institutions, we offer a range of packages that include case services, legal departments, labor office services, contracts, commercial courts, bankruptcy cases and other services related to establishments.

Special Facilities Packages

Services provided to individuals

Legal services for individuals, citizens and residents alike, and we deal with cases of all kinds through consultants and specialists.

Browse individual services

Governmental entities

We provide services to government agencies through a credit platform related to government competitions to take over cases for ministries or government facilities.

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عدد العملاء

عملاء محتملين

الخدمات والاستشارات


النيابة العامة

عدد الجلسات



About the office

A leading office in providing legal services and legal work, we are distinguished by speed and accuracy, the use of technology (paperless office)

We provide services all over the kingdom Of Saudia Arabic

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فريق العمل

Lawyer Basel Alhwaikem

Lawyer Basel Alhwaikem

Lawyer and legal advisor

Member of the Saudi Bar Association No.: 756398
licensed by the Ministry of Justice No.: 411145


Abdullah Aljameel

Abdullah Aljameel

trainee lawyer

Trainee lawyer and legal advisor

Mada Alghdony

Mada Alghdony

legal advisor

legal advisor

Kozama Alsalehe

Kozama Alsalehe

trainee lawyer

trainee lawyer

Legal services according to international standards

We provide services in all three phases of litigation
Courts of First Instance – Courts of Appeal – Supreme Court

electronic services

We provide electronic services for court platforms of all kinds through a specialized team.

Target groups

We target all categories of individuals and establishments and provide services alike to all parties.

latest legal news

Addresses inside Saudi Arabia

Riyadh region

Buraydah – Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Road – Al-Iskan District – Al-Jasser Building – Third Floor – Office No. 7




Working Hours

Working hours from 8 am to 5 pm 

from Saturday to Thursday

contact numbers :-